Photo: Bruce Fitgerald

My name is Rudi Holmes. I have been working as an artist blacksmith for almost 10 years based at my workshop in Sowerby Bridge. I studied blacksmithing at the National School Of Blacksmithing in Holmelacey,Herefordwhere I gained nationally recognised qualifications in blacksmithing, welding, fabrication and associated skills.

The majority of my work has been for private clients but I have made a number of pieces for public use. Working from initial measurements and the client’s brief, I design, manufacture and fit the piece. My work has included gates, railings, grills, one-off sculptural pieces, specialist tools, fireside, door and garden furniture, wood and multi fuel burning stoves, and the restoration and repair of existing iron work.

In my work I aim wherever possible to use traditional blacksmithing techniques which impart to the work a quality not matched by factory based fabrication methods and also help to keep the craft of blacksmithing alive.

I have run workshops in blacksmithing where I taught basic techniques of forge work to age groups ranging from 12-60 years old.

My work has been exhibited at several exhibition spaces and craft fairs around the country.

Please take a look at my gallery to see photos of some of my previous projects. These are not exhaustive and represent a small fraction of  the work I have designed, crafted and installed.


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